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No faction Any warband

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Godsworn Hunt expansion

Play formats

Not valid:
Championship Vanguard Relic Arena Mortis Open Online

Objectives (3)

You must include exactly 12 Objective cards (or at least 15 if playing Relic format).

Total glory - 4
2 | 1 | 0
0 | 0

Gambits (2)

You must include at least 20 Power cards.

1 | 1

Upgrades (2)

You must include at least 20 Power cards.

2 | 0

# Name Name Faction Type Description Glory Restricted Set FAQ Tags TDC Popularity
N360 Peerless Fighter Universal Objective Score this immediately if there are two or more Critical successCritical success in your attack roll.
2 - Godsworn Hunt expansion - -  
N365 Scorched Earth Universal Objective Score this immediately if your warband removes an objective from the battlefield.
1 - Godsworn Hunt expansion - -  
N379 Thin Their Ranks Universal Objective Score this in an end phase if three or more enemy fighters are out of action.
1 - Godsworn Hunt expansion - -  
N414 Ephemeral Form Universal Ploy The first fighter to be the target of an Attack action in the next activation has a Defence characteristic (before other modifiers) of DodgeDodge 2, instead of their usual characteristic.
- - Godsworn Hunt expansion - -  
N469 Unfocused Blast Universal Spell Gambit Spell (ChannelChannel): If this spell is cast, do the following. Scatter 1 from the caster's hex: any fighter in the end hex suffers 1 damage. Do this two more times, scattering from the caster's hex each time.
- - Godsworn Hunt expansion - -  
N476 Archer's Focus Universal Upgrade You can re-roll one dice in the attack roll each time this fighter makes an Attack action with a Range of 3 or more.
- - Godsworn Hunt expansion - -  
N550 Tome of Offerings Universal Upgrade Katophrane Tome
If this fighter takes an enemy fighter out of action, gain 1 additional glory point.
- - Godsworn Hunt expansion - -