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Mollog's Mob expansion

Play formats

Not valid:
Championship Vanguard Relic Arena Mortis Open Online

Objectives (3)

You must include exactly 12 Objective cards (or at least 15 if playing Relic format).

Total glory - 5
2 | 1 | 0
0 | 0

Gambits (3)

You must include at least 20 Power cards.

3 | 0

Upgrades (4)

You must include at least 20 Power cards.

3 | 1

# Name Name Faction Type Description Glory Restricted Set FAQ Tags TDC Popularity
N322 Get Thee Hence Universal Objective Score this immediately if a friendly fighter's Attack action drives an enemy fighter back two or more hexes.
1 - Mollog's Mob expansion ? -  
N323 Giant-slayer Universal Objective Score this immediately if your warband takes a fighter with a Wounds characteristic of 5 or more out of action.
2 - Mollog's Mob expansion - -  
N338 Keep Chopping Universal Objective Score this in an end phase if your warband made an Attack action in four or more activations in the preceding action phase.
2 - Mollog's Mob expansion ? -  
N401 Commanding Stride Universal Ploy Push your leader up to three hexes. They must end this push on a starting hex.
- - Mollog's Mob expansion - NVduplicate  
N444 Shadowed Step Universal Ploy Choose a friendly fighter with no Move or Charge tokens and place them on an empty hex in no one's territory. Place a Move token next to them.
- - Mollog's Mob expansion - -  
N467 Transfixing Stare Universal Ploy Choose an enemy fighter within two hexes of a friendly fighter and place a Move token next to them.
- - Mollog's Mob expansion - -  
N477 Bag of Tricks Universal Upgrade Action: Search your power deck for a card, reveal it and add it to your hand. Then shuffle your power deck and place a Charge token next to this fighter.
- - Mollog's Mob expansion - NVduplicate  
N482 Blessing of Vytrix Universal Upgrade Innate (ChannelChannel)
- Wizard Mollog's Mob expansion - -  
N485 Challenge Seeker Universal Upgrade When this fighter makes an Attack action that targets a fighter with a higher Wounds characteristic than itself, that Attack action has +1 Dice.
- - Mollog's Mob expansion - -  
N556 Warding Scroll Universal Upgrade Reaction: After an enemy fighter's spell is cast, but before it is resolved, if this fighter is on the battlefield, discard this card. The spell is not cast.
- - Mollog's Mob expansion - -