Clan Eshin

Skittershank's Clawpack Skittershank's Clawpack
Chaos Chaos

Card sets (10)

Khagra's Ravagers expansionHedkrakka's Madmob expansionKainan's Reapers expansionElathain's Soulraid expansionEssential Cards PackArena Mortis 2 expansionHarrowdeep core setBlackpowder's Buccaneers expansionIllusory Might Universal DeckNethermaze core set

Play formats

Championship Open

Not valid:
Rivals Relic Arena Mortis Online

Objectives (12)

Total glory - 18
6 | 5 | 1
3 | 2

# Name Name Faction Type Description Glory Restricted Set FAQ Tags TDC Popularity
DC273 Everything to Prove Universal Objective Surge, Hybrid: Score this immediately after an activation if:
An opponent has the Primacy token
Or: There is one or more surviving friendly Quarry and you have the Primacy token.
1 - Elathain's Soulraid expansion - - 4/29 (13.79%)  
DC336 Underdog Universal Objective Hybrid: Score this in an end phase if:
An opponent has the Primacy token
Or: Each opponent has scored 3 or more objective cards more than you.
2 - Khagra's Ravagers expansion - - 2/29 (6.9%)  
DC338 Wasteland Universal Objective Score this an end phase if there are no objectives in one or more players' territories.
1 - Hedkrakka's Madmob expansion - - 8/29 (27.59%)  
DC445 Feral Symbiote Universal Upgrade +1 Damage to this fighter's Range 1 Attack actions. After this fighter's activation, give this fighter 1 Hunger counter. Then, if this fighter has 3 or more Hunger counters, deal 1 damage to this fighter.
- - Khagra's Ravagers expansion - - 8/29 (27.59%)  
DC468 Primal Lunge Universal Upgrade Reaction: After an activation, discard the Primacy token. If you do, this fighter makes one Move action or Attack action. Then discard this card.
- - Kainan's Reapers expansion - - 5/29 (17.24%)  
DC486 Silent Sword Universal Upgrade Silent Relic
This fighter is a Quarry.

Hex 1 HammerSmash 3 Damage 2

If this fighter is a Quarry and in no one's territory, +1 Damage to this Attack action.
This Attack action has Ensnare if this fighter has two or more Silent Relics.
- - Hedkrakka's Madmob expansion - - 6/29 (20.69%)  
E2 Branching Fate Universal Objective Surge: Score this immediately after an Attack action if you roll three or more dice during the attack or defence roll and they all show a different symbol.
1 - Essential Cards Pack - NewestDuplicate 8/29 (27.59%)  
E15 Pure Carnage Universal Objective Score this in the third end phase if seven or more fighters are out of action.
3 - Essential Cards Pack - NewestDuplicate  
E21 Centre of Attention Universal Ploy Choose one fighter and push each other fighter that is within 2 hexes of the chosen fighter up to 1 hex so that they are closer to the chosen fighter in an order you choose.
- - Essential Cards Pack - NewestDuplicate 13/29 (44.83%)  
E35 Mighty Swing Universal Ploy The first Range 1 Attack action made by a friendly fighter in the next activation has Scything.
- - Essential Cards Pack ? NewestDuplicate 5/29 (17.24%)  
E48 Gloryseeker Universal Upgrade +1 Damage to this fighter's Attack actions that target a fighter with a Wounds characteristic of 4 or more.
- - Essential Cards Pack - NewestDuplicate 16/29 (55.17%)  
E51 Great Strength Universal Upgrade +1 Damage to this fighter's Range 1 and Range 2 Attack actions.
- - Essential Cards Pack - NewestDuplicate 26/29 (89.66%)  
AM11 Final Gambit Universal Ploy Choose one friendly fighter and roll three attack dice. If you roll one or more Critical successCritical success, the chosen fighter makes a Charge action. If you do not roll any Critical successCritical success, the chosen fighter is taken out of action.
- - Arena Mortis 2 expansion - -  
H191 Contest of Equals Universal Objective Surge: Score this immediately after a failed Attack action if the attack roll and the defence roll contained the same number of successes (including critical successes).
1 - Harrowdeep core set ? - 12/29 (41.38%)  
H205 In Cold Blood Universal Objective Surge, Dual: Score this immediately if:
A friendly fighter's Attack action takes the target out of action
And: That friendly fighter has no wound counters, or that friendly fighter is an assassin.
1 - Harrowdeep core set - - 5/29 (17.24%)  
H220 Reckless Swing Universal Objective Surge: Score this immediately after an activation step in which a friendly fighter made a Range 1 Attack action that targeted a fighter with more supporting fighters than the attacker.
1 - Harrowdeep core set - - 9/29 (31.03%)  
H234 Dark Determination Universal Ploy Surviving friendly fighters other than your leader have the assassin keyword.
+1 Dice to friendly assassin's Range 1 Attack actions that target a leader.
This effect persists until the end of the phase.
- - Illusory Might Universal Deck - -  
H267 Whetted Blades Universal Ploy Pick one:
You can re-roll one attack dice in the attack roll for the first Range 1 or Range 2 Attack action in the next activation step
Or: That Attack action has Cleave.
In either case, if an assassin makes that Attack action, that Attack action also has Grievous.
- - Harrowdeep core set - - 2/29 (6.9%)  
H276 Darkening Stone Universal Upgrade Metalith
You cannot give this card to a leader.
This fighter is an assassin.
This fighter is considered to be in a cover hex.
- - Blackpowder's Buccaneers expansion - - 2/29 (6.9%)  
H292 Phantom Fists Universal Upgrade Attack action, Illusion
Do not spend any glory points when you play this card. At the end of the action phase, or when this fighter is chosen by a gambit or is dealt damage, break this card.

Hex 1 HammerSmash 3 Damage 2

- - Illusory Might Universal Deck - - 5/29 (17.24%)  
NM2 Collateral Damage Skittershank's Clawpack Objective Dual: Score this in an end phase if:
One or more enemy leaders are out of action
And: There are four of more fighters out of action.
3 - Nethermaze core set - -  
NM7 Killer Supreme Skittershank's Clawpack Objective Surge: Score this immediately after a friendly fighter's successful Attack action with Grievous if the attack roll contained one or more critical successes.
1 - Nethermaze core set - -  
NM9 Unsurprising Fate Skittershank's Clawpack Objective Score this in an end phase if one or more friendly minions are out of action.
1 - Nethermaze core set - -  
NM13 Closing for the Kill Skittershank's Clawpack Ploy Pick one: Choose one friendly fighter. Push the chosen fighter up to 2 hexes closer to a staggered enemy fighter.
Or: Choose two friendly fighters. Push each chosen fighter 1 hex.
- - Nethermaze core set - -  
NM14 Misplaced Optimism Skittershank's Clawpack Ploy Choose an enemy leader in enemy territory. Push the chosen leader up to 2 hexes.
- - Nethermaze core set - -  
NM18 Skittering Blur Skittershank's Clawpack Ploy In the next activation, Attack actions cannot target friendly assassins.
- - Nethermaze core set - -  
NM21 Way of the Iron Paw Skittershank's Clawpack Ploy The first time a friendly assassin is dealt damage in the next activation, the damage dealt is reduced to 1.
- - Nethermaze core set - -  
NM31 Supernatural Agility Skittershank's Clawpack Upgrade +1 Defence.
- - Nethermaze core set - -  
NM195 Chum the Waters Universal Objective Dual: Score this in an end phase if:
One or more enemy fighters are each on a feature token
And: One or more of those fighters have one or more wound counters.
2 - Nethermaze core set - - 4/29 (13.79%)  
NM260 Suffocating Mists Universal Ploy Choose one enemy fighter that is in a cover hex. Deal 1 damage to the chosen fighter.
- - Nethermaze core set - - 3/29 (10.34%)  
NM269 Abyssal Summoner Universal Upgrade During Attack actions made by this fighter, if this fighter is in a cover hex, this fighter is considered to have one additional supporting fighter.
- - Nethermaze core set - - 2/29 (6.9%)  
NM287 Ferocious Bite Universal Upgrade +1 Dice to this fighter's Range 1 Attack actions.
+2 Dice to this fighter's Range 1 Attack actions instead if this fighter is a beast.
- - Nethermaze core set - - 5/29 (17.24%)