The Wurmspat The Wurmspat
Chaos Chaos

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Eyes of the Nine expansionZarbag's Gitz expansionGarrek's Reavers expansionSteelheart's Champions expansionGodsworn Hunt expansionMollog's Mob expansionThundrik's Profiteers expansionBeastgrave core setThe Grymwatch expansionBeastgrave Gift Pack expansionThe Wurmspat expansionHrothgorn's Mantrappers expansion

Play formats

Cards: 6 | 27 non-Rivals card/s

Relic Open

Not valid:
Championship Nemesis Rivals

Objectives (12)

Total glory - 14
6 | 6 | 0
2 | 1

Upgrades (10)

8 | 2

# Name Name Faction Type Description Glory Restricted Set FAQ Tags TDC Popularity
N299 Branching Fate Universal Objective Score this immediately if you roll three or more dice in an attack or defence roll and they all show a different symbol.
1 - Thundrik's Profiteers expansion - NVduplicate 10/60 (16.67%)  
N303 Catching Up Universal Objective Score this in an end phase if you have fewer glory points than an opponent.
1 - Zarbag's Gitz expansion - -  
N305 Combination Strike Universal Objective Score this in an end phase if you scored at least two objective cards in the preceding action phase.
2 - Steelheart's Champions expansion - -  
N319 Fired Up Universal Objective Score this in an end phase if at least one surviving friendly fighter is Inspired.
1 - Eyes of the Nine expansion - -  
N338 Keep Chopping Universal Objective Score this in an end phase if your warband made an Attack action in four or more activations in the preceding action phase.
2 - Mollog's Mob expansion ? -  
N365 Scorched Earth Universal Objective Score this immediately if your warband removes an objective from the battlefield.
1 - Godsworn Hunt expansion - -  
N373 Strong Start Universal Objective Score this immediately if the first fighter taken out of action in this round is an enemy fighter.
1 - Steelheart's Champions expansion ? NVduplicate  
N388 Abasoth's Unmaking Universal Spell Gambit Spell (ChannelChannel): If this spell is cast, choose an objective token within four hexes of the caster. Remove it from the battlefield.
- - Zarbag's Gitz expansion - -  
N427 Lethal Ward Universal Ploy Choose an objective token. Any fighter in the same hex as that token suffers 1 damage.
- - Steelheart's Champions expansion - NVduplicate 17/60 (28.33%)  
N436 Pit Trap Universal Ploy Reaction: Play this after an Attack action that drives an enemy fighter back. They suffer 1 damage.
- - Zarbag's Gitz expansion - -  
N486 Champion's Fortitude Universal Upgrade You can re-roll one defence dice each time you make a defence roll for this fighter.
- - Steelheart's Champions expansion ? NVduplicate 17/60 (28.33%)  
N489 Crown of Avarice Universal Upgrade (Errata update) Reaction: During an opponent's gambit or during an enemy fighter's Attack action that will take this fighter out of action, after the deal damage step, pick one opponent and take up to one of their unspent glory points.
- - Thundrik's Profiteers expansion ? -  
N503 Gloryseeker Universal Upgrade +1 Damage to this fighter's Attack actions that target a fighter with a Wounds characteristic of 4 or more.
- - Garrek's Reavers expansion - NVduplicate 43/60 (71.67%)  
N527 Potion of Constitution Universal Upgrade Reaction: During an Attack action or gambit that will damage this fighter, discard this card. Reduce the damage suffered by 1, to a minimum of 1.
- - Garrek's Reavers expansion - -  
N550 Tome of Offerings Universal Upgrade Katophrane Tome
If this fighter takes an enemy fighter out of action, gain 1 additional glory point.
- - Godsworn Hunt expansion - -  
B133 Faithful Reward The Wurmspat Objective Score this in an end phase if each surviving friendly fighter is Inspired.
1 - The Wurmspat expansion - -  
B148 Steady Advance The Wurmspat Ploy Choose up to two friendly fighters and push each chosen fighter 1 hex.
- - The Wurmspat expansion - -  
B156 Putrid Vomit The Wurmspat Upgrade

Hex 3 SwordFury 3 Damage 1

- Fecula Flyblown, Ghulgoch the Butcher The Wurmspat expansion - -  
B159 Unstoppable Tread The Wurmspat Upgrade Reaction: After this fighter's activation, push this fighter 1 hex.
- - The Wurmspat expansion - -  
B160 Virulent Blade The Wurmspat Upgrade You can re-roll one attack dice in this fighter's attack rolls for Range 1 and Range 2 Attack actions.
- Ghulgoch the Butcher, Sepsimus Plaguesworn The Wurmspat expansion - -  
B303 Sorcerous Volley Universal Objective Surge: Score this immediately after the same friendly fighter's second or subsequent spell Attack action in a single phase that targets the same enemy fighter.
1 - The Wurmspat expansion - -  
B307 Team Effort Universal Objective Dual: Score this in an end phase
If: There are two or more surviving friendly fighters
And: Each surviving friendly fighter made one or more actions in the previous phase.
1 - Hrothgorn's Mantrappers expansion - -  
B318 Unexpected Pitfall Universal Objective Surge, Hybrid: Score this immediately
After: An enemy fighter is taken out of action by a lethal hex
Or: An enemy fighter is taken out of action by damage dealt by a gambit you played.
1 - Hrothgorn's Mantrappers expansion - -  
B328 Collapse Universal Ploy Pick three edge hexes in a single group with each hex in the group adjacent to at least one other hex in the group, and all in one player's territory. Each fighter in a hex you picked is dealt 1 damage.
- - The Wurmspat expansion - -  
B332 Desperate Flight Universal Ploy Choose one friendly fighter and Scatter 4 from that fighter's hex. Push that fighter 3 hexes along the chain. If a hex that fighter would be pushed into is blocked or occupied, do not push that fighter any further.
- - The Grymwatch expansion - -  
B353 Leave Nothing to Chance Universal Ploy Pick one feature token in a hex that contains a friendly fighter. Remove that token from the battlefield.
- - The Wurmspat expansion - -  
B354 Lucky Escape Universal Ploy Reaction: Play this when a friendly fighter is dealt 1 damage precisely. That damage is not dealt to them.
- - The Wurmspat expansion ? -  
B363 Restless Prize Universal Ploy Pick one objective token and move it into an adjacent hex up to two times. You cannot move it into a lethal hex or a hex that includes a feature token.
- - The Grymwatch expansion - -  
B396 Great Fortitude Universal Upgrade +1 Wounds.
- - Beastgrave core set - BGduplicate 26/60 (43.33%)  
B431 Survival Instincts Universal Upgrade This fighter is a Quarry. If this fighter is a Quarry, this fighter is on Guard.
- - The Grymwatch expansion ? -  
G1 Bold Conquest Universal Objective Surge, Dual: Score this immediately after an activation
If: Your leader made a Charge action in that activation
And: your leader is holding an objective.
1 - Beastgrave Gift Pack expansion - -  
G14 Distraction Universal Ploy Choose one enemy fighter and push them 1 hex.
- - Beastgrave Gift Pack expansion ? NewestDuplicate