NOVA Open 2019 Grand Clash - 1st place

Thundrik's Profiteers Thundrik's Profiteers
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Card sets (13)

Ironskull's Boyz expansionThe Chosen Axes expansionSpiteclaw's Swarm expansionMagore's Fiends expansionThe Farstriders expansionNightvault core setEyes of the Nine expansionZarbag's Gitz expansionGarrek's Reavers expansionSteelheart's Champions expansionMollog's Mob expansionThundrik's Profiteers expansionPower Unbound

Play formats

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Championship Rivals Relic Arena Mortis Open Online

Objectives (12)

Total glory - 16
7 | 4 | 1
0 | 0

Upgrades (10)

8 | 2

# Name Name Faction Type Description Glory Restricted Set FAQ Tags TDC Popularity
243 Change of Tactics Universal Objective Score this immediately if a friendly fighter on Guard makes a Charge action.
1 - The Farstriders expansion - -  
249 Cover Ground Universal Objective Score this immediately if a friendly fighter makes a Move action of six or more hexes.
1 - Spiteclaw's Swarm expansion ? SSduplicate  
257 Escalation Universal Objective Score this in an end phase if three or more upgrade cards were played in the preceding action phase.
2 - Spiteclaw's Swarm expansion ? -  
272 Master of War Universal Objective Score this in an end phase if you scored an objective card, played a ploy card and played an upgrade card in this round.
1 - Spiteclaw's Swarm expansion - -  
291 Superior Tactician Universal Objective Score this in the third end phase if you have scored six or more other objective cards.
3 - Ironskull's Boyz expansion - -  
318 Distraction Universal Ploy Choose an enemy fighter and push them one hex.
- - Ironskull's Boyz expansion ? SSduplicate  
331 Hidden Paths Universal Ploy Choose a friendly fighter that hasn't made a Move action this phase and is on any edge hex. Place them on any other edge hex. They are considered to have made a Move action.
- - Magore's Fiends expansion ? -  
348 Ready for Action Universal Ploy Reaction: Play this after you upgrade a fighter in an action phase. They can make a Move or Attack action.
- - The Chosen Axes expansion ? -  
356 Shardgale Universal Ploy All fighters suffer 1 damage.
- - The Farstriders expansion - -  
361 Spectral Wings Universal Ploy The first fighter to make a Move action in the next activation has +2 Move.
- - The Farstriders expansion ? SSduplicate  
N235 Headshot Thundrik's Profiteers Objective Score this immediately if a friendly fighter scores a critical hit with an Attack action with a Range of 3 or more.
1 - Thundrik's Profiteers expansion ? -  
N237 Live by the Code Thundrik's Profiteers Objective Score this in an end phase if you did not discard any objective cards in the preceding action phase. If you do, you cannot discard any objective cards in this end phase.
1 - Thundrik's Profiteers expansion - -  
N248 Seek the Skyvessel Thundrik's Profiteers Ploy Choose up to two friendly fighters and make a Move action with each of them.
- - Thundrik's Profiteers expansion - -  
N254 Augmented Buoyancy Thundrik's Profiteers Upgrade +2 Move.
- Khazgan Drakkskewer Thundrik's Profiteers expansion - -  
N260 Rapid Reload Thundrik's Profiteers Upgrade Reaction: After this fighter's first Aethermatic Volley Gun Attack action in a round, they can make that Attack action again.
- Enrik Ironhail Thundrik's Profiteers expansion - -  
N302 Calculated Risk Universal Objective Score this immediately if a friendly fighter makes a Move action through a lethal hex that damages them but doesn't take them out of action.
1 - Thundrik's Profiteers expansion ? -  
N309 Death from Afar Universal Objective Score this immediately if a friendly fighter takes an enemy fighter out of action while at least three hexes from that fighter.
1 - Thundrik's Profiteers expansion - -  
N340 Keep Them Guessing Universal Objective (Errata update) Score this in an end phase if your warband made at least four different actions from the following list in the preceding action phase: Move (other than as part of a Charge), Attack (other than as part of a Charge), Charge, Guard, another action on a fighter card (other than a reaction).
2 - Zarbag's Gitz expansion - -  
N385 What Armour? Universal Objective Score this immediately if a friendly fighter's Attack action with Cleave succeeds.
1 - Eyes of the Nine expansion - -  
N427 Lethal Ward Universal Ploy Choose an objective token. Any fighter in the same hex as that token suffers 1 damage.
- - Steelheart's Champions expansion - NVduplicate  
N434 One Step Ahead Universal Ploy You can only play this card in the final power step of a round. Choose an opponent and name an objective, then roll an attack dice. On a roll of HammerSmash or Critical successCritical success that opponent cannot score that objective in the subsequent end phase.
- - Zarbag's Gitz expansion ? -  
N444 Shadowed Step Universal Ploy Choose a friendly fighter with no Move or Charge tokens and place them on an empty hex in no one's territory. Place a Move token next to them.
- - Mollog's Mob expansion - -  
N477 Bag of Tricks Universal Upgrade Action: Search your power deck for a card, reveal it and add it to your hand. Then shuffle your power deck and place a Charge token next to this fighter.
- - Mollog's Mob expansion - NVduplicate  
N489 Crown of Avarice Universal Upgrade (Errata update) Reaction: During an opponent's gambit or during an enemy fighter's Attack action that will take this fighter out of action, after the deal damage step, pick one opponent and take up to one of their unspent glory points.
- - Thundrik's Profiteers expansion ? -  
N499 Faneway Crystal Universal Upgrade When this fighter makes a Move action, they do not move normally. Instead, place them on any objective token, then discard this card. It is still considered to be a Move action.
- - Zarbag's Gitz expansion ? -  
N501 Fighter's Ferocity Universal Upgrade (Errata update) The Grievous keyword replaces the similar ability on this card.
If you score a critical hit when making an Attack action with this fighter, that Attack action has +1 Damage.
- - Zarbag's Gitz expansion - NVduplicate 2/24 (8.33%)  
N503 Gloryseeker Universal Upgrade +1 Damage to this fighter's Attack actions that target a fighter with a Wounds characteristic of 4 or more.
- - Garrek's Reavers expansion - NVduplicate 12/24 (50%)  
N504 Great Fortitude Universal Upgrade +1 Wounds.
- - Nightvault core set - NVduplicate 13/24 (54.17%)  
N529 Potion of Rage Universal Upgrade Reaction: During this fighter's Attack action, before any dice are rolled, discard this card. The Attack action has +2 Dice until the action is resolved.
- - Zarbag's Gitz expansion ? -  
N551 Tome of Vitality Universal Upgrade Katophrane Tome
+1 Wounds.
- - Mollog's Mob expansion - -  
P20 Duardin Resilience Thundrik's Profiteers Ploy The first time a friendly fighter suffers any amount of damage in the next activation, they only suffer 1 damage.
- - Power Unbound - -  
P32 Shortcut Universal Objective Score this immediately when a friendly fighter is taken out of one hex and immediately placed in a different hex, but not as a result of a push or a Move action.
1 - Power Unbound ? -