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The Grymwatch The Grymwatch
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Core setNightvault core setZarbag's Gitz expansionGarrek's Reavers expansionSteelheart's Champions expansionGodsworn Hunt expansionMollog's Mob expansionThundrik's Profiteers expansionPower UnboundBeastgrave core setThe Grymwatch expansion

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Championship Rivals Relic Arena Mortis Online

Objectives (12)

Total glory - 18
6 | 5 | 1
2 | 0

Gambits (10)

10 | 0

Upgrades (10)

10 | 0

# Name Name Faction Type Description Glory Restricted Set FAQ Tags TDC Popularity
292 Supremacy Universal Objective Score this in an end phase if you hold three or more objectives.
3 - Core set - SSduplicate  
N302 Calculated Risk Universal Objective Score this immediately if a friendly fighter makes a Move action through a lethal hex that damages them but doesn't take them out of action.
1 - Thundrik's Profiteers expansion ? -  
N329 Hoarder Universal Objective Score this in the third end phase if you have at least 9 unspent glory points.
3 - Godsworn Hunt expansion - -  
N357 Opening Gambit Universal Objective Score this in an end phase if you scored at least one objective card in the preceding action phase.
1 - Garrek's Reavers expansion - -  
N368 Solid Gains Universal Objective Score this in an end phase if you gained at least 3 glory points in this round.
1 - Zarbag's Gitz expansion - -  
N400 Centre of Attention Universal Ploy (Errata update) Choose a fighter and push all other fighters that are within 2 hexes 1 hex so that they are closer to that fighter in an order you choose.
- - Garrek's Reavers expansion - NVduplicate 10/24 (41.67%)  
N420 Haymaker Universal Ploy +2 Dice for the first Attack action made by a friendly fighter in the next activation. You cannot make defence rolls for that fighter. The latter effect persists until that fighter is out of action or the end of the round, whichever happens first.
- - Steelheart's Champions expansion - -  
N432 Mirror Move Universal Ploy Reaction: Play this after an opponent pushes a fighter. Choose a different fighter and push them the same number of hexes.
- - Zarbag's Gitz expansion ? NVduplicate 3/24 (12.5%)  
N467 Transfixing Stare Universal Ploy Choose an enemy fighter within two hexes of a friendly fighter and place a Move token next to them.
- - Mollog's Mob expansion - -  
N480 Blessing of Hydragos Universal Upgrade Reaction: After this fighter's Attack action that succeeds, push this fighter up to two hexes.
- - Thundrik's Profiteers expansion - -  
N489 Crown of Avarice Universal Upgrade (Errata update) Reaction: During an opponent's gambit or during an enemy fighter's Attack action that will take this fighter out of action, after the deal damage step, pick one opponent and take up to one of their unspent glory points.
- - Thundrik's Profiteers expansion ? -  
N499 Faneway Crystal Universal Upgrade When this fighter makes a Move action, they do not move normally. Instead, place them on any objective token, then discard this card. It is still considered to be a Move action.
- - Zarbag's Gitz expansion ? -  
N501 Fighter's Ferocity Universal Upgrade (Errata update) The Grievous keyword replaces the similar ability on this card.
If you score a critical hit when making an Attack action with this fighter, that Attack action has +1 Damage.
- - Zarbag's Gitz expansion - NVduplicate 2/24 (8.33%)  
N506 Great Strength Universal Upgrade +1 Damage to all Attack actions with a Range of 1 or 2.
- - Nightvault core set - NVduplicate 22/24 (91.67%)  
N511 Low Cunning Universal Upgrade Fighters supported by this fighter have +1 Damage on their Attack actions with a Range or 1 or 2.
- - Zarbag's Gitz expansion - -  
N550 Tome of Offerings Universal Upgrade Katophrane Tome
If this fighter takes an enemy fighter out of action, gain 1 additional glory point.
- - Godsworn Hunt expansion - -  
P41 Inspired Attack Universal Ploy The first Attack action with a Range of 1 made by an Inspired friendly fighter in the next activation has +1 Dice and +1 Damage.
- - Power Unbound - NVduplicate 5/24 (20.83%)  
P57 Spiritbond Universal Upgrade When you apply this upgrade, choose a friendly fighter other than the one who receives this upgrade. While the fighter you chose is on the battlefield, they are always considered to be supporting this fighter.
- - Power Unbound - -  
B67 Conquering Heroes The Grymwatch Objective Score this in an end phase if your warband holds one or more objectives in enemy territory.
1 - The Grymwatch expansion - -  
B71 In the Name of the King The Grymwatch Objective Surge: Score this immediately after an activation if your warband holds three or more objectives.
2 - The Grymwatch expansion - -  
B75 Pervasive Delusion The Grymwatch Objective Surge: Score this immediately when you play your third or subsequent gambit card in a single round.
1 - The Grymwatch expansion - -  
B76 Shifting Madness The Grymwatch Objective Surge: Score this immediately after an activation if your warband holds the objective when the same number as the current round (e.g. objective 1 in the first round).
1 - The Grymwatch expansion - -  
B77 Appalling Visage The Grymwatch Ploy Choose one friendly fighter and one adjacent enemy fighter. Push the chosen enemy fighter up to 2 hexes away from the chosen friendly fighter.
- - The Grymwatch expansion - -  
B78 Combat Drill The Grymwatch Ploy Reaction: After a friendly fighter's Move action made as part of a Charge action, choose another friendly fighter. The chosen fighter makes a Move action. The chosen fighter must end that Move action adjacent to the fighter making the Charge action.
- - The Grymwatch expansion - -  
B81 Pack, Advance! The Grymwatch Ploy Choose one or more friendly Crypt Ghouls and push each of the chosen fighters up to 2 hexes.
- - The Grymwatch expansion - -  
B94 Seized Weapon The Grymwatch Upgrade When you give this upgrade to a friendly fighter from your hand, one adjacent enemy fighter is dealt 1 damage.

Hex 1 SwordFury 3 Damage 2

- - The Grymwatch expansion ? -  
B96 Well Motivated The Grymwatch Upgrade +1 Damage to this fighter's Range 1 and Range 2 Attack actions.
- - The Grymwatch expansion - -  
B295 Path to Victory Universal Objective Dual: Score this in an end phase
If: One or more enemy fighters were taken out of action in the previous phase
And: Your warband holds two or more objectives.
2 - The Grymwatch expansion - BGduplicate 5/24 (20.83%)  
B299 Scrum Universal Objective Surge: Score this immediately after an activation if four or more fighters on the battlefield are in a single group in which each fighter is adjacent to at least one other fighter in that group.
1 - The Grymwatch expansion - -  
B306 Swift Capture Universal Objective Surge, Dual: Score this immediately after an activation
If: Your warband holds one or more objectives in friendly territory
And: Your warband holds one or more objectives in enemy territory.
1 - The Grymwatch expansion - -  
B363 Restless Prize Universal Ploy Pick one objective token and move it into an adjacent hex up to two times. You cannot move it into a lethal hex or a hex that includes a feature token.
- - The Grymwatch expansion ? -  
B366 Sidestep Universal Ploy Choose a friendly fighter and push them one hex.
- - Beastgrave core set - BGduplicate 8/24 (33.33%)